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March 2016 at living word

Spring brings new growth and new beginnings. The greatest needs in our life come down to Jesus and our relationship with Him. The situation is not hopeless. When we fail and falter He will be there to meet us where we are, redeeming our broken moments in life. Study the Bible, pray, & grow in what you know & let show. Easter is the season for the gift of salvation. We can live in complete joy & fulfillment. Let Jesus’ example & God’s word show you how.

Children learn

March 6 The transfiguration. Matthew 16:16, 17:1-9 Luke 3:22 “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; listen to Him!” Jesus is the only true Son of God. He was sent to be my Savior and make me part of His family.

March 13Jesus raised Lazarus. John 11:1-44, 1 John 4:14. Jesus taught about faith, trust, & obedience to God. Call on Him, He will be on time. Everyone who believes will never ever die, believe and see the glory of God.

March 20 Triumphal entry. Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:9 Jesus is the only true Son of God. He was sent to be my Savior and make me part of His family. Jesus openly came into town to face His cruel death to fulfil God’s promise of redemption for you & me.

March 27 Jesus’ crucifixion & resurrection. Matthew 26:26 to 28:10, 1 John 4:14, John 4:42. Jesus’ crucifixion, burial, and resurrection were a required part of God’s plan for me. Jesus died on the cross & God raised Him from the dead to forgive my sins.

Youth learn

March 6 Our need for contentment. John 6:26-27, 35-40. Jesus is the only thing that brings true satisfaction.  Jesus taught the way. Do you have the Bread of Life?

March 13 Our need for direction. John 8:12-19. Jesus is the True Light who reveals where we should be & where we should go? He will provide the direction. Overcome your fears & move forward with confidence.

March 20 Our need for protection. John 10:7-15, 27-30. 2 Timothy 1:17 Looking for the ultimate protection program, let God be in control.

March 27 Our need for hope. John 11:17-27 Live in joy & fulfillment. Jesus has victory over death. Let Him have victory in your life.