December at Living Word

Thought for month – Life is about relationships. We should have good relationships with God, ourselves, and others. If any of these go wrong so does our life. God does not plan for us to live out of balance. He sent Jesus. How is your relationship with Him?

Luke 2:52
Upward development – Jesus grew in favor with God
Inward development – Jesus grew in wisdom and stature
Outward development – Jesus grew in favor with people

Dec 1st 4:30pm No teacher training instead Play review and practice others dates to set at this event

Dec 15th Evening service – Christmas play and Social

Children’s Sunday School lessons – Jesus taught the world how to love
Everyone needs to be rescued Matthew 14:22-23, Romans 1:16
Jesus came to take the punishment of sin so we can be forgiven Matthew 18:21-35
God showed His love John 21:1-19, Romans 5:8
Jesus is born Luke 2:1-20
We can pray for others Acts 12:5-19

Middle School Sunday School lessons deal with knowing God, owning your faith, and making your faith known to others.
God revealed – The closer we get to someone the more we learn about them
Omnipotent – God is all powerful and can do anything
Omniscient – God has full knowledge of you
Loving – Jesus came into the world to save sinners
Omnipresent – God is present in every place and situation