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What Service Are You Called To?……

Now that Easter has passed have you began the service Jesus called you to during the ascension?
Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to help us get the work done. Have you accepted the help?

Spring is a time of new beginning and growth. Feeding on the right things and staying in line with the Son is an important part of that. Bible study, prayer and worship are good ways to be fed.

God has plans for you. God works through the circumstances around us to bring about His purposes. While others are praying or crying out are you preparing yourself? Whether you want to or not you are on a race to the throne. What will be the results when you get there?

We should not be hesitant to tell people about God’s plan. God redeemed us through Jesus, forgives our sin, and wants to share His riches through grace. The choice is ours to accept. What is distracting you?
How would your life be different if you lived in His power & authority