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From The Pastor’s Heart………

Goodbye 2014 and hello 2015!

It is once again a new year. It is a time in which
we reflect on the past year, processing the good
and the bad. There is no better opportunity to start
over, wipe the slate clean, have a do-over. It's a
great time to close some doors, let go of some stuff
and walk into a new season.

My prayer for the coming year is that we will experience
an overshadowing of God's presence, allowing Him to
fill us with a fresh breath. Are you tired of the same
struggles, the same battles? Are you ready for breakthrough?

Let this be the year that you choose to let God take you
into a deeper place, a place of power, authority,
and victory.

I believe God has a burning bush moment just
on you. Watch and listen closely for that moment, for it
will forever change your life. Rejoice that you are still
here to see this year end, but rejoice more that with each tomorrow, you have a chance to fulfill God's plan for your life.

Happy New Year to all and may the favor of God rest
upon each of you all year long!

Phillipians 3:13