September 2017 at LIVING Word
We live in a world where no matter what you own it will wear out or break causing it to lose value. Still yet even satan knows you are valuable. No matter what, satan is trying to keep you from following Christ. He will do what he can to get you on his side. Satan wants you to think you do not have value. While evil goes on all around God shows us His power in His word and His world.  We must learn to discern between false teachings and God’s truth. Truth will always line up with Jesus and God’s redemption plan for us.  
Adam was formed with a physical life out of the dust of the earth. He was given a spiritual life when God breathed into him. Satan tried to take the spiritual life and left man with problems in the physical life. God provided a redemption plan. Adam just had to take a stand and ask for forgiveness.
You are valuable. God created you with abilities to think, solve, & serve. Do you know your true worth and value? Think about it – Jesus paid off your debt with His life. You are God’s wonderful creation. He created you with a purpose. Allow His Spirit to enter your life.   
Children learn
September 3 God created the World- Genesis 1:1-2:3. People can praise God for creating the world.
September 10 God’s plan for people- Genesis 2:4-24. God wants people to take care of His world.
September 17 Noah – Genesis 6:9-8:19. God loves and cares for families in all situations.
September 24 Abram and Lot- Genesis 13. Romans 12:10. God created people able to think and solve problems.
Youth learn
September 3 The Great Dragon – Revelation 12:7-12. Matt 4:10; 12:24-27; 13:19,38. John 12:3114:30. Even though Satan fights against us, we can stand in Christ.
September 10 Satan’s Soldiers – Mark 9:17-29. Do you know what you are standing against? Demonic forces are real, but Christ is greater. 
September 17 Pop Culture Paranormal – Deuteronomy 18:9-18. Dabbling with evil is destructive; seeking direction from God brings life.     
September 24 Fear Not – 1 John 4:1-6. We don’t need to fear evil forces when we are in Christ.