“A Living Word For A Living People”


Every person is born with a sin nature. Each person must believe and accept that Jesus paid our penalty for sin so that we can become righteous. Righteous means right standing with God! The only way to obtain eternal life with God is through the blood of Jesus- there is no other way!!!
See Romans 3:24-25, Romans 5:8-9


The step taken after salvation. We believe in immersing in water in the name of Jesus. You are saved through Jesus, baptism is a confirmation of your salvation, therefore we baptize in his name.
See Acts 2:38


We believe in dedicating our newborns or kids to the Lord. This is not salvation or baptism . We say a prayer over their life, and surrender them to the hands of the Lord. WE pray that God will keep them until their time of accountability at which time they will have to choose Jesus as their Savior.

Virgin Birth

We believe that God took on flesh in the form of Jesus He was not conceived by man and woman but was supernaturally conceived by the spirit of God!
See Matthew 1:18-25

Spiritual Gifts

We believe in operating in as many spiritual gifts as you have faith to believe in. These spiritual gifts are a great strength and comfort in our daily walk in life.
See First Corinthians 14:1-22  First Corinthians 12:1-11


We believe the same power of God that showed His glory more than 2000 years ago can and is still today performing healings and other miracles. We believe God can do anything for anybody -including you!
See Hebrews 13:8