March Bible Study Topics Announced

What a privilege it is to partner with you in training your child in the things of God; Bible stories and life application lessons bring us to a common ground—training children in the way they should go. We encourage you to help your child in Bible study each week.

March Bible Study

As we start spring, what better way to celebrate the “re-creation” of God’s beautiful world than studying the beautiful creation story. Children today are encouraged to question so many things, especially creation. Theories are taught, and biblical truths are challenged. In an age of “no absolutes,” boys and girls can learn that Jehovah God absolutely did create the world. It is exciting to be able to work with you to undergird this foundational biblical truth.

Week of March 3

Bible Story: In the Beginning
Life Application: I can know that God created the world from nothing.
Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1

Week of March 10

Bible Story: In God’s Image
Life Application: I can praise God for creating me in His image.
Memory Verse: Genesis 1:27

Week of March 17

Bible Story: An Awful Choice
Life Application: I can make good choices.
Memory Verse: Deuteronomy 6:18

Week of March 24

Bible Story: Children will learn that Jesus rode on a donkey into the city of Jerusalem to the sound of praises from the people. The girls and boys will sing praises and will talk about the greatness of Jesus.
Life Application: God loves me and I should praise Him
Memory Verse: John 4:42.

Week of March 31

Bible Story: The children will study the death and resurrection of Jesus and will thank Jesus for what He did.
Life Application: I am important to God. God loves me very much.
Memory verse for Easter: Matthew 28:6: “He has been resurrected, just as He said.”