Thought for the month- You are good at what you do because God made you that way. Are you using the gifts God gave you to grow into what God wants you to be?

Wed night student class
What are you showing yourself? What are you showing others?
November 6th  “Through Your Thoughts”
November 13th “Through Your Words”
November 20th “Through Your Actions”

Sunday mornings Students up to 5th grade
November 3rd Speaking up Acts 10 & John 13:34
November 10th Stepping in 1 Samuel 25 & Ephesians 4:32
November 17th God’s Big Plan Genesis 37, 50:15-21, & John 13:34
November 24th Thank you, God John 6:1-13 & James 4:10

Middle School Students Sunday Mornings
November 3rd Never compromise when the issue is a matter of biblical right and wrong. Stand your ground – Galatians 2:1-14. 1 Corinthians 16:13. Luke 21:19
Remain passionate about following Jesus.
November 10th Step in to keep a bad situation from getting worse. 1 Samuel 25. Colossians 3:15. John 16:33
November 17th The Big Picture – God is at work no matter what. Genesis 37 & 50. Hebrews 11:39-40. Ephesians 2:10
November 24th Thank you, Lord. Psalms 100: 1Thessalonians 5:18: Ephesians 5:20:
Thankfulness should be our natural response. Praise with actions as well as words.

Saturday November 23rd Kids Cook Meal at 6pm.

Entire family invited. Kids bring their favorite dishes for us to share as a feast in this season of Thanksgiving.
We will also talk about our Christmas Play during this time for those who want to be part of the play.

God’s plan for all

Your heart tends to run from God and rebel against Him. Romans 3:23 -Sin

Yet God loves you and wants to save you from sin. John 10:10 -New life of hope

To give you the gift of salvation, God made a way Romans 5:8 -His son Jesus Christ

You receive the gift by faith alone Ephesians 2:8

Faith is a decision of your heart demonstrated by the actions of your life Romans 10:9


Hold nothing back when you talk with God each day

Approach each day with the goal of putting Jesus 1st in everything that you do.


Let the Bible meet your needs in life

What does the Bible say to you?

Are You applying it?