May 2017 at Living Word
Looking to experience more? We are all going somewhere. Most people are rushing around to get there. How are you training so that you are running for the win?  
We all have a role to play. God calls us to serve Him in the role we are given. God did not design you to do this on your own. Christ should be your foundation. All things you do even the small ones should be done for God’s glory.
Proper Bible Study, Christian fellowship, Guidance, Prayer will help us as we witness by the way we live our lives. Thank God for giving you the power to follow His will.   
Children learn
May 7 The church began Acts 2; Psalm 122:1. What is a church? It is not the building it is the people. It’s not just any people it is people who worship & serve the Lord. The Holy Spirit is a necessary part of establishing & guiding a church.  
 May 14 Peter & John preached Acts 3:1-4:21. Peter & John did not have material things but they had God. They allowed God to provide the power & they provided the service. People should tell others about Jesus.
May 21 The church chose leaders Acts 6:1-7, Galatians 5:13. Early churches had problems. Leaders looked to God for resources & wisdom. Spirit filled men lead the church to teach others about God & Jesus. The church members prayed for them. We all can grow in what we know by working together as God’s family
May 28 Stephen preached Acts 6:8-7; Romans 10:13. God’s plan is for people to tell how to trust Jesus as Savior & Lord. Stephen boldly spoke and told others the Gospel.
Youth learn
May 7 Life in relationships Ephesians 5:22-28; 6:1-3. God designed responsibilities & roles for each of us. He calls us to serve in those roles.
May 14 Life reflected Colossians 3:22-4:1. Work is more than a pay check. School is more than learning. Our true work is to honor Christ and reflect Him in our school & work relationships
May 21 Life in the community Matthew 25:31-40. True serving is not done for you or the other person. True serving is allowing yourself to be guided and powered by the Holy Spirit. When this happens all involved will be blessed. Take steps in your life to live out God’s calling.
May 28 Life on mission 1 Corinthians 9:19-27. Sometimes we may be called outside our comfort zone to lead people to know Jesus. The common ground is all people need Jesus. Do not run aimlessly. Discipline yourself to run under control of the Holy Spirit.  
Mark your calendar for May 28th 4pm parent teacher training event