March 2017 at Living Word
Are you just trying to survive? When you pray and study God’s word you can find hope, life, power, & victory.
Life is much more than a game are you playing to win? How do you engage the Bible? Are you daily seeking God? Are you obeying God? Do you serve God? Are you sharing Christ? How do you exercise your faith? What relationships are you building? Are you unashamed of the example you set for others?
Children learn – Jesus taught me how to live
March 5 Simeon & Anna met Jesus- Luke 2:21-40, Psalm 119:34, 1 John 4:14 – Jesus is the Son of God.
March 12 Jesus went to the temple Luke 2:40-52, Psalm 119:34 – Jesus knew what it was like to live on earth as a person.
March 19 John the Baptist Matthew 3:13-17, Luke 1;1-25, 57-80, 3:1-22, John 1:19-37, 13:15, Psalm 119:34 – People can follow the example.
March 26 Jesus was tempted Matthew 4:1-11, Psalm 119:34, With God’s help you can say no.
Youth learn how to go for the win
March 5 – Jesus for the win- Revelation 1:12-20-Jesus gives me life. Jesus is Lord over all. Let’s rid ourselves of the values found in the world & live by God’s power
March 12 – Hope for the win – Matthew 8:5-13-Find hope in Jesus. What does your lifestyle say about you? Prepare, plan, & pray so you will find the satisfaction only God can give.
March 19 – Freedom for the win –  Romans 6:4-14. -Sin is not my master, Jesus is. Your true testimony comes from the things you value. God gives you the choice & responsibility but He provides the power. Plug in so you can be free.
March 26 – Faith for the win – Hebrews 11:1-6. -Faith in Christ gives victory. Meditate on the promises of God. Does your way of life show true trust in Him?