June 2017 at Living Word
Do you have a plan to apply the Bible to real world living & allow it to guide in your decisions? Studying the Bible will teach you how to honor God throughout your day-to-day living. Stay in the loop. We encourage you to study the Sunday School lesson that our children & youth study and see what God is telling you as a child of His. Talk about what you learn with others. Help us all grow in what we know, so we can let it show.
How does the community and world around you fit the church? You should be telling others about Jesus. You already set an example by the life you live, what story is it that you are telling? Spending time with other believers is an important part of every spiritual journey. Plan your summer to spend time in God’s word and fellowshipping with other Bible believers. Then you can go & show others Jesus through you.
Children learn: Preschoolers, kids, and preteens will spend time learning how to tell others about Jesus. They will also learn how to follow God’s plan. Yes God has a plan for them. Our class text is the Bible.
6-4-2017 – Philip and the Ethiopian Acts 8:26-40. Acts 16:31 Do you understand God has a plan? God wants me to tell others about Jesus.
6-11-2017 Life turned upside down by God. Saul told about Jesus Acts 9:19-31. Acts 16:31. Luke 12:8 People can tell others what Jesus has done for them.
6-18-2017 Peter and Cornelius Acts 10. Matthew 28:19-20. God wants people to be involved in His work all around the world.
6-25-2017 The Antioch Church helped Acts 11:19-30. Acts 16:31. Galations6:9. God uses the church to accomplish His purpose.
Youth learn about building relationships so we can serve God. Our class text is the Bible please bring it with you to class. God’s Word does speak to us today.
6-4-2017 Amazing love- true loves gives. Ruth 1:3-9, 16-17. John 15:9-17 Center every relationship you have on the unconditional love of Christ.
6-11-2017 Forge true friendship 1Samuel 18:1-4; 19:4-7; 20:10-13. Strong friendships grow because of shared commitment.
6-18-2017 Respectful Submission 1 Samuel 24:1-12,15. Respect those God has placed in your life.  
6-25-2017 See worth in others. Deadly Acts 2 Samuel 11:1-9, 14-17. When we see others as Christ sees them. We will treat them as He does.
Phillip had studied the old testament. He knew the old testament lead people to Jesus. He was willing to obey the calling in his life. The Holy Spirit guided and moved Phillip. That same power is available to us today. We just need to tune in and obey. Study learn God’s word and pray.     
Upcoming : Parent Teacher training June 25 at 4pm
VBS helpers are needed for our upcoming VBS event – Created with God’s Love. We will be building on God’s plan for us. What is your calling activities, Bible storytelling, builder, crafts, food, fun, games, maker, music, prayer, provider, set design or other services? Make sure you sign up! We will be holding VBS on Wed nights. God gave you abilities and gifts so you could help. Together we will make this a great event.