Reminder we have parent teacher training at 4pm tomorrow. Getting ready for the new school year. Still looking for some extra teaching help if God is calling you.

God’s Word is important for teaching us how to live yet so few take the effort or time to study it. How do you learn about God’s greatest gift? How do you work on your relationship with God? God’s Word will give guidance on living out your faith.

The world is always interacting with you. How do you know how to react to those interactions? The world’s desire is to take you away from a relationship with God. No amount of discipline, exercises, training, or workouts can keep you in shape for the spiritual battle that is going on around you without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Study God’s word every day. Pray & praise all the way.

September 2016 at Living Word.


Children learn about God’s amazing world

September 4 God created the world – Genesis 1:1-2:3. God wants people to take care of His creation.

September 11 God’s plan for people – Genesis 2:4-24 God made people in His image.

September 18 Adam & Eve sinned – Genesis 3; Deuteronomy 5:32. God is still at work and cares what happens. God knew people would sin and planned to send a Savior.

September 25 Cain & Abel – Genesis 4:1-16; Romans 12:10. God wants me to praise Him for His creation. People should love others as they love themselves.


Youth learn the True Story

September 4 One Great Creator – God created & knows each of us. Psalm 33:6-9, 13-15; Colossians 1:15-17. Creation is not a competitor of God’s power. It is the spotlight to show weight & depth of God’s power.

September 11 One Great Purpose – We were created to glorify God & enjoy His presence forever. Isaiah 43:1-7. You can fill your life with activity but what is the purpose of the activity? What are you accomplishing? Life can be rich and full when we discover & live out God’s will in our life.

September 18 One Great Problem – Without Christ we are condemned forever. Romans 3:9-12,19-20,23. Life is full of problems. Your biggest one is internal. God created you for something incredible.

September 25 One Great Savior – God offers hope & forgiveness. Romans 5:6-11. We all deserve Judgement but the story does not end there. Have you looked at the benefit plan?

Engage the Bible, Seek God’s will, Obey God, Serve God, Share Christ, Exercise faith, Build & relationships

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Parent teacher training September 25th at 4pm.