May at living word

Which solution do you use?
Set your standards low enough and you will look good by anybodies standard but
God’s standard is the only one that should matter to us. We may fall short but there is hope. The Bible makes this clear. People need Jesus. Jesus gives hope to the hopeless.

May 4th We have hope. Luke 15:11-32. God forgives people who trust in Jesus

May 11th Give thanks for hope Psalm 138 7 Acts 1:8 Salvation through Jesus is our gift from God

May 18th Hope Again & again John 18 While people were still sinners Jesus died for them

May 25th sharing hope Acts 3:1-4:21 Jesus died for peoples sins – share the message

Events May 4th Teacher training 5PM
May 31st 2pm to 4pm family fun day.