December 2017 at Living Word          Jesus changes everything
Do you follow others on social media? Jesus invites us to follow in a more intimate way. We may need to change directions but the course He leads us on leads to abundant & eternal life. Jesus birth bought God to earth in a way never experienced before and opened doors for you and me. Step through the door a live the life He calls you to.  
Children learn
Dec 3 Prophets told about Jesus-Isaiah 7:14;9-6; 11:1-5; Micah 5:2 – Shepherds were startled but not surprised. Hundreds of years before He was born the word was out. God has a plan a Savior is on the way.  
Dec 10 Angel spoke to Mary & Joseph – Luke 1:26-38; Matthew 1:18-24. Do not be afraid, God has a plan. God choose a family for Jesus.
Dec 17 Mary Visited Elizabeth – Luke 1:39-56; Psalm 66:4 Even an unborn child knew the importance of Jesus birth
Dec 24 Jesus was born – Luke 2:1-20 An unbelievable message yet they did not doubt instead they acted.
Dec 31Wise men visited Jesus – Matthew 2:1-12; Luke 2:11; Psalm 95:6 Educated men knew a savior was foretold. Concerned knew to watch for Him. God allowed people to provide for His Son’s care. Wise people will seek God’s plan for their life.
Youth learn
Dec 3 Jesus calls- Mark 1:14-20 Learn ways you can grow in following Jesus. Following Jesus is a life changing adventure and He invites you to come along.
Dec 10 Jesus teaches- Mark 4:1-9 Do not miss out on the joy & abundant life that comes from applying God’s truths to our life. Obeying Jesus’ teaching will lead to productive living.
Dec 17 Jesus rules – Mark 4:35-41 Forces of nature are powerful but remember God is Lord over creation. Jesus brings God’s power to us. You can trust Jesus in and storm.
Dec 24 Jesus saves – Luke 2:8-11, 15-18 – Look past the birth and know that God came to earth for you. Jesus was born to bring you into a relationship with God. He has great plans for you.
Dec 31 Jesus heals – Mark 5:22-24, 35-43 – Jesus brings healing the world can’t imagine. Jesus wants to make our lives complete we can depend on Him.  
Jesus is God’s gift to us
How can you use your actions, attitudes, gifts, & words to proclaim the glory of the CHRISTmas season?