December 2014 at Living Word

The Bible teaches us that wise men seek Jesus. The Bible teaches about the crisis, struggles & victories that people have. It shows what happens to those who allow God to take control and those who do not.
The Bible tells us about 42 generations of Jesus family. Situations where not always the best, some did not live up to what the Father wanted them to but God had a plan. His Son (JESUS) came to earth to live & die so that you & I could be part of His family as well. God has plans for you are you seeking them? In spite of our silly selves God has a plan, where will you take a stand?

Dec 7th topic God is with us
Children Learn – Angels visited Joseph & Mary Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:18-24
Middle school students learn – The Shelter of God’s presence Psalm 23:1-6

Dec 14th topic salvation
Children Learn – Jesus is born Luke 2:1-20
Middle school students learn – The shelter of God’s salvation Psalm 27:1-6

Dec 21st topic Encouragement
Children Learn – Simeon & Anna meet Jesus Luke 2:21-40
Middle school students learn – The Shelter of God’s forgiveness Psalm 32:1-7

Dec 26th topic Peace
Children Learn- Wise men visit Jesus Matthew 2:1-12
Middle school students learn – The Shelter of God’s encouragement Psalm 42:1-3,6-8, 43:3-5


Christmas Play December 14th @ 6 pm

We will practice each Wed night between now and the play.
Also a full practice at 4PM in the afternoon on Sunday Dec. 7th
Christmas Play will be at 6pm on Dec 14th