Student programs – The Bible is made up of many different stories but they all fit together to tell one story- God’s story. Our goal is to help students understand the story of the Bible. These students have a special place in God’s story and the Bible has implications for their lives.

1st – 5th Grade Lessons for August

August 4th Bible verse Acts 1:8 Lesson background Acts 14 – I can tell others about Jesus wherever I am.

August 11th Bible verse Proverbs 20:11 Lesson background Acts 16:16-34 – I can tell about Jesus by what I do.

August 18 Bible verse Psalm 66:16 Lesson background Acts 21:27-29 – With God’s help, I can tell about Jesus even when it’s difficult

August 25 Bible verse Luke 8:39 Lesson background Acts 26 – I can tell others what God has done for me


Middle School Lessons for August

August 4th What is significant to know about the life of Christ? Lesson background Matthew 4:17-24 & John 1 – God sends His Son

August 11th What is significant about Christ death & resurrection?  Lesson background Mark 15-16, 1Chorinthians 15:17-19 – Jesus is Crucified and raised

August 18th What is God’s purpose for the church?  Lesson background Luke 24:44-49, Acts 1 & 2 – Jesus commissions the church

August 25th How does God complete the story of the Scripture? Lesson background John 14:1-3, Revelations 21 & 22 – Believers do not need to fear