Living Word Oct 2014

October is the time of year when you hear people talk about spirits. Despite all our differences we must come together as 1 in Christ. When you are asked do you believe in spirits your answer should be: My body is the dwelling place of the Spirit. If you have a personal relationship with God then the Holy Spirit wants to dwell in you. You are the bride of Christ and the church is the body of Christ. We are all part of the community of faith. We can not be all we can be or fully function or grow without God dwelling with us and us in His body of believers. It is about the personal relationship and the fellowship.

Oct 5th Christian service
Children learning from Deuteronomy 4-6 Moses talked about families
Youth learning from Ephesians 5:15-21 Connected in service – How do you spend you time?

Oct 12th Prayer
Children are learning how Moses talked with God. That is our God too, we can talk to Him.
Youth are learning from Ephesians 6:17-22 Connect with prayer – What do you miss when the power goes out?

Do not settle for survival but train to overcome. God has plans for you.
Oct 19th Betrayal
Children learning from Genesis 37 about Joseph & his brothers
Youth are learning from Genesis 37:19-27 & 39:1-2 how to overcome betrayal. Since God is always at work what is our responsibility?

Oct 26th Temptation – It is easier to fight off while you focus pursuing God’s plan for your life.
Children learning from Genesis 39 that Joseph worked hard and faced problems but God took care of him
Youth are learning from Genesis 39:3-12 How to overcome temptations. Why do people ignore the warnings?

Upcoming events
Sunday October 5th at 5pm Parent & teacher planning and training event.

Sunday October 26th 3pm to 5pm set up booths for family fun night event

Wed October 29th 6pm to 8pm Family fun night. Come spend time learning about God’s plan as you play games. Need church members to sign up to help with Bible themed booths. Invite friends and neighbors to come to the event.
Will also need candy and cupcakes for the event.

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