July at Living Word
Have those stories you can’t wait to share with others. How many people have you told about the biggest event that took place in your life? So, tell me how did you come to know Jesus as your Savior?
How will you come & see Jesus this week in order to know Him more deeply?
How do you plan on encouraging your friends to join you in following Jesus?
Children learn-
July 2– People prayed for Peter. Acts 1:8; 12:5-19; James 5:16 God wants people to pray for each other. God has concern and care for all people.
July 9 Paul became a missionary. Acts 1:8; Chap13; Missionaries are Christians who share the message of God to others all over the world.
July 16 Paul and Barnabas told about Jesus.  Acts 1:8; chap 14; Ephesians 2:10 God wants people to work together with others willingly.
July 23 Paul taught Lydia about Jesus. Acts 1:8; 16:11-15; 1 John 3:23 Jesus wants people to follow Him
July 30 Paul and Silas in prison. Acts 1:8; 16:16-34 God wants people to tell others about Him, even when it is difficult  
Youth learn-
July 2- Share Christ. John 1:35-49. The best way to show love to another person is to introduce them to Jesus. You should spend time getting to know Jesus through Bible reading & studying. Talk to Him in prayer. You invite friends to concerts, movies, sports events and such but have you invited them to know Jesus? Experience God’s love and share it with others.  
July 9 Encourage one another. Acts 11:19-26 Encourage others to grow spiritually and be all God calls them to be. The only thing holding a person back from being great is themselves. God has the plan & the power. God calls us as the encourager to help others see the goal God has for them.  
July 16 First things first. Haggai 1:2-13 What do you consider urgent. Do you put your obedience and relationship with God in the top of your priority list?
July 23 A fresh start. John 18:15-18,25-27;21:15-19 We can not earn it but we can grow it- Our relationship with God. The same GRACE we needed for salvation is the same Grace we need to live our life day by day. 
July 30 God’s Strength not mine. Exodus 3:11-12; 4:10-17 Someone can always do something better or faster than we can however no one or nothing is greater than my God. We all have limitations but God can use our weakness to accomplish His purpose. If you allow God, He will work through you despite all shortcomings.